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Your memorable adventure begins in a cozy room referred to as "the Gnomery", where stories, songs, and little gnome facts are shared by Mr. Rich, commonly referred to as "the Gnomeman." Here environmental awareness begins with the introduction to Pennsylvania flora, the habitats and habits of local prey and predators, and an emphasis on the importance of wilderness...

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The goal of life is to live in agreement with nature...

Gnome Countryside is a breathtaking paradise and gnome biome nestled in the rolling hills of Amish farmland in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The magic of this land stretches far back into the late 1700's. It took the artistry and vision of Richard Humphreys to gently shape, sculpt, and draw out the natural wonders hidden in the hillside and valley to create what is now known as Gnome Countryside.

Rich visualized a place where he could promote and protect the two things he felt most important to future generations: stewardship of the environment and a sense of community in the out-of-doors, in nature. Woven into these possibilities was a third enchanting element, that of little people, the gnomes.

Experienced, respected, and documented in the stories and folklore of nearly every culture on earth, gnomes continue to enchant and delight children of all ages. For over thirty years Rich has intertwined these three elements into an interactive program for school children and adults alike.

Subject areas include:
*zoology            *music and singing
*geology            *parachute games
*biology             *ecology
*botany              *environmental education
*native plant        *language arts:
identification        storytelling, nature lore, poetry & humor

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